Innovocean, in partnership with Mark1, AdMakers International and Hivestack recently launched a first-of-its-kind ‘anamorphic programmatic’ digital out of home (DOOH) campaign at the iconic Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront, for RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

The result was an attention-grabbing DOOH display, optimised via programmatic buying, which incorporated larger-than-life 3D visuals that appeared to be emerging from the billboard. Remi du Preez at Innovocean, the V&A’s appointed media owner, says that this ‘anamorphic programmatic’ format is a first for both the DOOH industry and South Africa – not to mention the rest of the world.

“While anamorphic DOOH campaigns are not new, they are highly popular – especially among developed markets – as is programmatic buying, with South Africa catching on to the benefits these technologies offer. However, to the best of our knowledge, this execution, which marries a programmatic buy with anamorphic creative, is a first – even across the global playing field,” he says.

Mark1, lead creative agency for RE/MAX of Southern Africa, conceptualised a campaign that would see their client’s signature hot air balloon appear to be ‘floating’ in the heart of one of the Mother City’s most prominent tourist destinations. Flighted from the V&A centre court’s flagship corner-wrap digital screen, the anamorphic creative is also displayed across several smaller-scale free-standing totems located throughout the precinct.

Vicky Goslett, Co-Regional Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of RE/MAX of Southern Africa explains that from the brand’s inception, “the RE/MAX hot air balloon has been an integral part of our marketing strategy and has been used as an icon to set us apart from our competitors. Sadly, we had to retire our old balloon over two years ago as its old branding needed to be refreshed, so this year we took the plunge and purchased a brand new RE/MAX hot air balloon. The new balloon, which arrived in August, became the focal point for our marketing strategy for the remainder of 2022,” she explains.

“Because hot air balloons require very specific weather conditions and can be tricky to fly, we were looking for innovative ways to bring our iconic balloon to life in other ways. When Mark1 proposed that we use 3D animation to bring the balloon to the ever-popular V&A Waterfront, we were delighted at the prospect. The novelty of having a giant hot air balloon floating in the middle of the mall was something that we hoped would create a long-lasting impact on those who happened to pass by,” says Goslett.

To ensure a captive audience, Innovocean integrated multiple cutting-edge technologies that would allow it to identify the number of people passing by its displays at any given moment. This data was then overlaid with existing audience impression multiplier data sets, allowing Mark1 to ascertain a more exact impression count and thus achieving a level of sophistication in audience measurement that has never been seen before in South Africa’s OOH arena.

“Having access to both media and creative specialists allowed us to take advantage of innovative media opportunities in a creative way. This has been an exciting project for all of us; most certainly the start of many to come,” says Shannon Delaporte, Managing Director of Mark1.

As a final thought, Goslett explains that the concept for the campaign is centred around the tagline: Dream up the life. We’ll find the home. “Finding your dream home is an exciting process where you can create a wish list of how you envision your life to be. Homeownership is a dream that can turn into a reality, which is what we hope this billboard playfully portrays,” she concludes.

If you’re looking to find the home of your dreams, reach out to your nearest RE/MAX Office for assistance.

Click here to see our 3D billboard in action.