It can feel overwhelming to think how you might be able to help those in need when issues of hunger, unemployment, and homelessness continue to grow each year. But, each small contribution can go a long way towards improving the lives of those living within Southern Africa.

“As a way of giving back to our local communities, we will be running our annual Coats & Cans drive where people can drop off warm clothing and non-perishable food items at our participating offices across the country. We also encourage the public to make donations of pet blankets and pet food. At the end of Winter, the collections will be dropped off at various NPOs, shelters and animal welfare organisations across the country,” explains Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

If you do not have a participating RE/MAX office nearby, there are other ways you can give back to those in need. Below are just a few ways to help your fellow man…

Raise funds by shopping wisely

These days, many companies donate a portion of the sales price to a charitable cause on their patrons’ behalf. Some fast-food outlets and online delivery stores ask to add an extra R2 to your total to donate towards feeding the hungry. The My School My Village My Planet card is another example of this. By swiping your card at any of the partner stores, a percentage of your purchase value goes to the school or charity you choose at no cost to you. You can select the RE/MAX Foundation as one of your beneficiaries on the My School card and the donations will go towards supporting our national beneficiaries.

Be generous with any household staff

For those who can afford to do so, add a little extra to anyone who is providing you with household services, such as a garden service or a domestic worker. Be sure that any household staff are paid fair wages.

Make an extra sandwich

Multiple local feeding schemes exist in local communities. Most are as simple as making a few extra sandwiches a week or donating a pocket of potatoes. Depending on the organisation, there will either be a local drop-off point or somebody from the organisation will come to collect your donations. To find a feeding scheme you can support, search through local social media pages or find out from your local real estate professional.

To keep up to date with our latest collection drives and to see how our agents and offices give back to their communities, be sure to follow us on social media.