Across the region, we are seeing an uptake in sectional title sales. With more and more sectional title developments emerging all around the country – particularly in the major metropoles – sellers are going to have to ensure that their sectional title units have enough of a unique selling edge to remain competitive with the units next door.

Scout out the competition
The first place to start is to view similar listings on property portals and get an idea of what buyers could purchase within your complex that are near enough to your price point. If you discover that there are several options from which buyers can choose, then you need to consider what sets your sectional title apart from the others. If there is nothing that makes your property unique, then you will need to consider either lowering your asking price or renovating the space to ensure that it sells timeously.

Replace Standard Features
Replacing features that come as standard within the complex (such as flooring or kitchen countertops) with more luxurious options (such as marble floor tiles or granite countertops) can go a long way towards bolstering the investment value of a sectional title within a complex.  

Furnish to sell
One of the most affordable ways to ensure that your unit stands out is through home staging. Especially when there are multiple units up for sale or rent within the same apartment complex, sellers will need to ensure that their space is styled in such a way that it makes their property more memorable than others.
Pro Tip: One of the main drawbacks of sectional title living is a lack of garden space. Add a few houseplants to make your unit more appealing.

Partner with the #1 brand in real estate
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