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Property to rent in Saldanha

To settle in a seaside town that’s inviting to vacationers, house hunters and business owners, check out the RE/MAX property for sale in Saldanha. From open residential plots and three-bedroom holiday homes to established retail outlets and industrial buildings, our selection caters to various real estate needs and budgets. Best of all, many of our listings boast a beautiful view of the bay.

Make the West Coast your home

The shape of the land here shelters Saldanha from the ocean’s powerful winds, leaving birds, lagoons and plants relatively undisturbed too. The result is a scenic coastal eco-village that attracts many different sea-faring people and outdoor fanatics.

Fortunately, Saldanha boasts South Africa’s deepest and largest natural bay, giving both commercial fishermen and beach-loving tourists plenty of space to work and play in. It also ensures residents who buy one of the homes for sale can enjoy:

Year-round Entertainment – Known as paradise for water sport enthusiasts, this bay-side town offers residents access to pristine beaches, yachting fraternities and surfing clubs. It also hosts nature reserves, fishing areas and whale sightings, as well as bars, restaurants and beauty salons. It truly has something to suite varied tastes.

Business potential – As a holiday hotspot, entrepreneurs have plenty opportunities to sell their goods and services. Self-catering accommodation places also do well, especially those found along Saldanha’s beautiful beaches. This means that you could rent your home to guests while you’re away or purchase a large property and convert it into a B&B.

We’re there from search to settling

Regular communication is key and we ensure that you’re kept informed throughout the buying process. The experience our agents have in the areas in which they operate also ensures that they can offer valuable insights into the neighbourhood too.

Browse our online listings of new property for sale in Saldanha to find your dream home from the comfort of your couch.

If you need assistance in selling your current house, simply contact your nearest RE/MAX office.

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