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Property to rent in Lydenburg

If you’re wanting to escape from big town buzz of Nelspruit, look no further than Lydenburg. Surrounded by greenery galore, it’s an ideal area to raise a family or spend your twilight years.

Rural Paradise

Wide-open spaces and natural beauty make Lyd...Read more

Situated at the base of the famous Long Tom Pass, and surrounded by rivers and mountain ranges, Lydenburg in Mpumalanga is the hub of South Africa’s fly fishing industry. Over a decade ago the town’s name was officially changed to Mashishing, which aptly means long green grass. However, this hasn’t quite had the expected uptake. When exploring property for sale in Lydenburg, you’ll be hard pressed to find a sign that reads Mashishing in and around this peaceful settlement. While the town is situated near a few protected nature reserves and farms (including the renowned Kruger National Park), there is also a healthy culture of new development and a lively community with all the expected pleasantries of a country town.

RE/MAX is proud to boast a portfolio that includes a wide range of properties for sale in Lydenburg, for the insider scoop be in touch with one of our professional agents.

A Middle Veld oasis

As is typical with many Northern Cape towns and suburbs, there are numerous accommodation establishments situated in Lydenburg. From a hotel to bed and breakfasts. This brings a steady supply of visitors and commerce to the town. Anyone looking for business property here can find themselves choosing between several commercial options, including farms and smallholdings. However, if you’re looking for residential property for sale in Lydenburg you’ll also find a selection that spans from apartments and flats to townhouses and even large river-side estates.

Owning real estate in and around Lydenburg also provides access to:

Natural splendour – This Mpumalanga village has a major drawing card in the nearby Lydenburg Waterfall, which isn’t a singular waterfall but comprises instead three majestic and stunning ones flowing into each other. It’s been described by many as one of the most enchanting experiences in the Northern Cape.

Adventure – As mentioned, the nearby Kruger National Park is also a popular attraction but the town itself is also surrounded by amazing hikes along rivers and through forestry as well as mountainsides. It’s also a hotspot for 4x4 and MTB trail enthusiasts who flock to the area for the various dirt roads surrounded by majestic scenery.  

Arts and culture – Lydenburg attracts an array of painters, artisans, carpenters and even stained glass artists. There are several festivals, fairs and exhibitions that are held at the local Civic Centre. And you’ll also find weekly markets that many visitors make a special point of spending long, lazy days browsing wares and enjoying wholesome country fares.

The RE/MAX connection

Buying commercial property or even a home can be an overwhelming decision for first-time buyers. That’s why thousands of people trust in a local RE/MAX agent to have them covered. Our team is here to ensure that you find what you need and that you are provided with the right options to consider. We take great pride in our ability to pair the right owner with the best real estate for their needs. Contact us today and let’s talk about the property for sale in Lydenburg.

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