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Property to rent in Howick

Do you love farmlands and dream of living a simpler country life? If yes, the property for sale in Howick may be exactly what you’re looking for. From modest apartments to stylish townhouses, there’s something for all kinds of residents. What’s more, a vast majority of the homes have plenty of space for a garden, swimming pool or entertainment area.

The hub of the Midlands

Though developed and modernised in some areas, Howick has maintained many of its original farms. Residents can therefore purchase fresh produce and good quality meats straight from the source all year round.

With clean air and unlimited tranquillity, the town is also an excellent location for holiday homes. In fact, many vacationers return to retire here. You’d want to stay too after witnessing its:

Scenic beauty – While very few towns in South Africa have their own waterfall, Howick does. It also boasts river tributaries, mountain gorges and protected nature reserves. If you consider the additional man-made landscapes, such as the Sakabula Golf Course, purchasing property here places you amidst a spectacular setting.

Outdoor activities – Though peaceful, homes for sale are still in proximity to entertainment. Hungry families have numerous cafés and restaurants to visit, while more adventurous sports like abseiling are available too. Holiday-makers are also sure to enjoy exploring the traditional villages, local museums, and arts and crafts stores.

Your preferred realtor

Just as this town is famed for its laidback atmosphere and lack of bustle, RE/MAX would like to take the hassle out of hunting for a home. For this reason, our agents often go beyond the call of duty to ensure you’re settled in a house that caters to your lifestyle and budget. They also work hard to secure you this dream dwelling as efficiently as possible.

Browse our list of property for sale in Howick to start the process. We can help you do all the rest.

If you’d like our team to help sell your current home, simply contact your nearest RE/MAX agent.

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