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Property to rent in Hogsback

Hogsback is renowned for being a magical destination with natural splendour and forests in almost every direction. The town and its surrounds are located high up in the Amathole mountains and is a popular tourist spot for its many hiking trails and warm hospitality. If you’re considering properties for sale in the Eastern Cape, then the idyllic real estate in this town is a must-see. From incredible holiday homes to rolling estates and even empty plots waiting to be developed, there is a wealth of options available here. Particularly, as many of the homes here are located near indigenous forests, waterfalls and trout fishing spots.

Magical Surroundings

The most popular type of properties for sale in Hogsback are the ever-charming cottages made from wattle and daub featuring thatched roofs. This is some of the most sought-after real estate in South Africa, with some of these cottages featuring multiple stories and wings and enjoying expansive estates and grounds. The town itself offers incredibly charming surroundings filled with greenery and a magical atmosphere. This is particularly offset by the apple orchards, avenues lined with hazelnut, berry fruits and the flowering plants that have spread throughout Hogsback.

Local farmers, guest house professionals and residents enjoy a laid-back lifestyle and becoming a property owner here will afford you the same wonderful standard of living. If you’d like to buy a house in Hogsback and then rent it out to holidaymakers, you’ll certainly be investing in a lucrative part of the country. Definitely keep an eye on these and other latest property listings in South Africa if you’re looking to expand your portfolio.

Amenities & Attractions

Hogsback really does offer an incredible break-away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is why the hospitality industry here is thriving in terms of properties that can be rented out or even host holidaymakers. With a balmy summer and even snow-covered landscapes in winter, it’s also an artist’s dream. This is why the community here is made up of writers, painters, photographers and more. There is simply so much dramatic natural beauty and a ton of nature-based activities, and above all, silence and serenity. Buying a property for sale in Hogsback will afford you and your family the same luxuries.

Find Out More

RE/MAX real estate agents in Hogsback can be your primary source for finding the very best properties for sale here. Keep ahead of the market and be the first to know when your dream home, smallholding or plot comes up for sale. We’re just a phone call or email away. So, be in touch today!

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