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Property to rent in Inhambane City

The property for sale in Inhambane comes in an array of decadent holiday homes and modest townhouses, due to the town’s unique and attractive setup. On this side of Mozambique, rustic suburbia meets a seaside paradise, and RE/MAX can offer you a piece of it to call your own.

Land of good people

In addition to being surrounded by beautiful shorelines and lush vegetation, Inhambane places you in excellent company. Life is laidback, the community is warm and creature comforts are well catered for. It’s no wonder the region has become Mozambique’s premier tourist destination.

Whether you’re browsing the apartments or homes for sale in this picturesque area, every resident has access to:

  • Island recreational activities – Instead of trekking the family to a foreign peninsula, explore the pleasures of Manta Reef and Gallaria. White sand beaches, marine life and scuba diving gear awaits your arrival. You can also dine on local seafood, sip coconut water and dance the night away under the stars.
  • Interesting architecture – As a formerly colonised nation, foreign influences are evident in every sector of Mozambican life. This can provide tons of inspiration for home builders. You simply have to walk the streets and visit sights like Governers House, the museum or Mercado Central Market to see remarkable examples of local design.
  • Basic city amenities – Despite the bay-side setting, residents aren’t far removed from their modern comforts. Inhambane provides you with a phone network, banks, internet access, retail stores and working transport systems.

Industry leading property professionals

You can reduce the amount of time you spend house hunting and increase the value for money you receive by contacting RE/MAX. With more than 40 years’ experience, our experts know how to secure you the home of your dreams with limited hassle and next to no stress.

Browse our online listings to view our property for sale in Inhambane, and begin your journey with us.

Our agents can also assist you in selling your current house or apartment. Simply contact your nearest agent to get started.

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