Purchasing a holiday home is not an inexpensive exercise. To get the most out of your investment, you’re going to want to visit the home frequently. The key to purchasing a holiday home is to find an area that suits your entertainment tastes. You should consider the long-term enjoyment of the home to make sure there is plenty nearby to keep yourself eagerly anticipating your next visit to the same holiday destination for years to come.   

To help buyers decide where to start their search, below is a list of what kinds of activities holiday makers can expect within some of the best holiday regions our nation has to offer…

Seaside Escapes (Western Cape)
When it comes to beachside bliss, the Western Cape is the place to be – provided you can withstand its icy waters, of course. For bustling shorelines close to trendy eateries and pubs, consider areas such as Camps Bay or Plettenberg Bay. These areas also offer great investment potential as the demand for short-term rentals in these areas is high. For more remote seaside escapes, add areas such as St Helena Bay and Wilderness to your search lists.

Bushveld Retreats (Mpumalanga and Limpopo)
Being the territory of the Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga and Limpopo are South Africa’s best provinces for game viewings and safari holidays. Areas such as Bela-Bela in Limpopo and Lydenburg in Mpumalanga are great spots that offer the proximity to the National Park as well as the luxuries of being tourist towns filled with great restaurants and plenty of nearby day-trip opportunities.      

Haven for Adventurers (Kwazulu-Natal)
Home to the Drakensburg Mountain range, Kwazulu-Natal is the perfect province for avid adventurers. Areas such as Howick are close enough for those who want to do some climbing somewhere along the iconic mountain range. The area also offers plenty to do and see, from canopy tours to MTB trails and fly-fishing sites.

Things to consider before you buy…
Consider the practicalities involved in owning a second property. Wherever you decide to purchase, make sure that you have somebody nearby who can keep it maintained regularly. If possible, hire a gardener and cleaning service to keep the place in order until your next visit. Alternatively, hire a rental agent to manage short-term lettings on your property over the periods when you’re staying in your primary residence.