With the ongoing occurrence of droughts, unreliable electricity supplies, and a stream of documentaries outlining our planet’s demise, thinking green is fast becoming the new normal – so much so that many buyers are now considering energy efficiency as a fundamental factor when searching for property. If you’re ready to step into a greener tomorrow, below are a few ways to introduce green elements into your own home:

Choose energy-efficient appliances
Appliances are graded from ‘A’ to ‘G’ to indicate the energy consumption of the product, with the letter ‘A’ indicating that it is the most energy-efficient. Over time, replace all your old appliances with more energy-efficient options.

Invest in proper home insulation
Replace aged window frames to better insulate your home and lower reliance on heating and cooling measures. High-efficiency windows are a better option than those that only just meet energy-efficiency standards. Replacing dated frames will not only save you money but can also increase your home’s value when it comes time to sell.

Remember to conserve water
Replace all your faucets with flow-restricting fixtures. When looking at plumbing fittings, only use low-flow water fixtures. Invest in a dual-flush toilet mechanism to lower water consumption. As a bonus, potential buyers may see this as a selling point if you upgrade your permanent fixtures (such as plumbing) to more eco-friendly options.

Increase your homes natural lighting
It’s all good and well to install energy-efficient lighting, but it also helps to remember that with an abundance of natural light in your home, the need to use power will decrease. Although on the pricier side, if you’re able to add more windows or even a skylight, it’s a sure way to conserve energy and save you some cash.

Still on the fence about going green?
Remember, you also stand to recoup a large percentage of your costs when you sell. Adding green features can add value to the property and give you an added advantage in the market. Not only is going green the environmentally responsible thing to do, but it’ll also relieve financial pressure.

Final Advice
Going fully green can become costly and challenging, so you might want to start with small changes such as above. Consistent small changes will add up and make a big difference over time, not only to the environment but on your pockets too. If you’re still on the fence about which elements to introduce first, you may find the guidance of a property professional beneficial as they’d be able to guide you on which elements can provide higher returns, should you later decide to sell your home.