After months of hibernating indoors, it’s finally time to draw back those curtains and allow the light to stream in, highlighting the thousands of dust particles dancing in the daylight and revealing the months of accumulated dirt that lay hidden from eyesight in your dimly lit household. 

Spring cleaning is often that necessary reminder we all need to wake us from our winter weariness and get us to tackle those pesky chores we wish would just do themselves. As irksome as some household chores might be, neglecting them will inevitably result in costly repairs and the overall devaluing of your property.

Below is a Spring-Cleaning checklist of things that ought to be cleaned annually to protect the investment value of your home, as well as the furniture therein:

Gutters and roof tiles
Out of sight might be out of mind, but you’d be surprised at how much dirt and debris can accumulate in your gutters. While these ought to be cleaned annually to prevent blockages, your rooftiles should also be cleaned with a high-pressure hose every two to three years to avoid a build-up of mould which could result in leaks and other damages.

By far one of the least desirable chores of them all has to be unpacking bedroom, laundry and kitchen cupboards to give the surfaces a much-needed wipe down. Spills happen all the time and can leave cupboard surfaces stained and mouldy. To prevent damage, it is advisable to endure this laborious task at least once a year.

It might seem a touch ironic, but the machines that help keep your home clean also need cleaning themselves. Things like washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers ought to be cleaned at the very least on an annual basis. You can also use this opportunity to unplug and remove the appliance from where it normally stands and clean the build-up of dirt around it.    

Couches, Mattresses & Carpets
Dust mites and bed bugs can pose serious health risks to everyone in your household. To avoid them nesting in your home, it is advisable to get all fabric-covered furniture as well as carpets professionally cleaned each year.

Fun Bonus Fact
Historically, the term can be traced back to several cultures and traditions, including the Jewish tradition of Passover which requires households to cleanse their homes in preparation for the festival, as well as the Prussian New Year which involves a thorough cleaning of the home in preparation for the new beginnings that the year ahead symbolises. Both events happen to coincide with the Northern Hemisphere’s spring – hence the term ‘spring cleaning’.
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