With an abundance of rainfall during Winter, it’s difficult to imagine water scarcity in the following Summer months. The necessary precautions must be taken to ensure that this essential resource is not used carelessly. There are several ways that homeowners or tenants can be saving water in Winter in and around the home, which will bring down monthly water bills and more importantly, reduce water usage. Here are a few tips that will assist you in your efforts to save water:

Faulty plumbing can lead to water scarcity
Once a tap has been used, ensure that it has been closed properly. It may seem like a relatively small thing to do, however, a tap dripping at one drip per second will waste as much as 30 litres of water in one day. That equates to around 10 000 litres of water wasted over a year, simply from one single dripping tap. Don’t forget to replace tap washers regularly and fit aerators to reduce water usage by restricting and spreading the flow. Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth can save around 20 litres of water per month.

Much like a leaking tap, a leaking toilet can waste vast amounts of water. Installing a water-saving toilet is an option, but for those who don’t wish to spend money on the outlay, adding a brick or sealed container of sand to the cistern will reduce the amount of water used during each flush. A few drops of food colouring in the cistern will help to determine if any water is leaking from the toilet. If the colour seeps into the bowl, the system is leaking and should be fixed without delay. 

Develop better winter washing habits
Although it’s tempting to soak in a hot bath every night during the frosty Winter evenings, showering will use far less water than bathing provided that the shower is less than five minutes long. If you only have a bath, try to keep it as shallow as possible and reuse the water on the garden. If rainfall has been good, try and limit yourself to only a few full baths a week. Consider installing a water-saving showerhead to aid in reducing water usage. Ideally, the water shouldn’t be at full force, and – if you can stand the cold, try to turn off the water when lathering or shaving. When opting to shave at the basin, it is best to plug the basin rather than rinsing the razor with running water; this will save approximately 45 litres of water a month.

Create a water-wise kitchen
Only use washing machines and dishwashers when they are fully loaded to avoid unnecessary water usage. Rather than rinsing dishes under running water, opt to rinse items in a basin of water and then reuse the water in the garden. Run tap water into bottles while waiting for it to heat up. By keeping bottles of drinking water in the fridge there is no need to let lukewarm water be wasted.

Winter is the key to avoid water scarcity
Becoming a water-wise household in Winter is the key to avoiding water scarcity in the Summer. It’s not just about saving an important resource, but also about sustainability and saving money. If you’re wondering which water-saving elements will add the most value when you later sell your home, reach out to a real estate professional who can provide some insights around which features are popular among buyers in your area.