The third term break is upon us and, whether you’ve planned for it or not, your children are going to be at home for the next week. Why not take a few days leave and enjoy a mini staycation with them? Treating yourself to a short ‘staycation’ might also be a great way to revel in the reasons why you love your home without breaking the bank.

Here’s how to make the most of the short break without having to leave the comfort of your own home:

Movie Marathon Monday
The first day of your staycation is your refuelling day. After all the days of deadlines, school runs, late nights and early mornings, you need to give your body a break and just allow yourself the luxury of doing nothing. Go old school and rent some DVDs or stay true to the modern age and binge watch a series on Netflix. However you choose to do this, there are three absolutely essential components: a comfortable couch, quality TV, and – most importantly – your most favourite pair of sweatpants.

Trivial Pursuit Tuesday & Thursday
To avoid a dull staycation, dust off the board games and pull an all-day game-a-thon. To keep things interesting, swap the actual for the virtual on the Thursday and challenge your children on their home turf: the PlayStation / Wii / Xbox or whatever other gaming station your household owns.

DIY Wednesday
Get the whole family involved with a craft project, whether it’s painting an old desk or creating a unique piece of art. This is also the perfect opportunity to tackle quick DIY projects around the house like replacing outdated handles on your cupboard doors or fitting new taps in your kitchen and/or bathroom.

Family Photo Friday
Pull out your photo albums and home videos and wander down memory lane together as family. After revelling in old memories, why not make a few new ones by organising an at-home photoshoot? Get the family all dressed up and hire a photographer (or, for those on a budget, ask a friend with a camera phone) to come around and snap some candid shots of you and your clan. These make for great natural and one-of-a-kind photographs as opposed to the stylised studio photoshoot that everybody has in their homes these days.   

Spring Clean Saturday
After your days of rest of recuperation, it’s time to get through that long list of to-do’s that have been building up since January. Unpack that cupboard, repack the garage, and clean behind your appliances. If you’ve got children, rope them into helping you with these tasks – it’s a great way to keep them out of mischief and, as they say, two hands are better than one.

Sit Back Sunday
The key to a successful staycation is making the most out of every room in your house, thereby reminding yourself of the everyday luxuries we so often take for granted. Get hold of a good book and get cosy in your bedroom or cook up a storm in your kitchen and enjoy a meal together in your dining room. If staying at home isn’t a luxury for you, then it might be time to get in touch with an agent who can find you a home that allows you to enjoy all these simple pleasures.