Whether you are immigrating soon or simply need the funds to purchase a new property before your OTP expires, sometimes the need exists to sell as fast as possible. But, what are the things I can do to sell my home fast even when market conditions are slow?

Sign a sole mandate to sell fast
Many sellers have the misconception that the more agents you have marketing your home, the better your chances it will sell. In fact, having a property listed with more than one agent decreases an agent’s motivation to work as hard as they can to sell the property. On the other hand, when signing a sole mandate, you’ve given an agent a timeframe in which to sell your property, at the end of which, they might lose out on the sale completely. 

Listen to the advice of a fast seller   
If you’ve partnered with a real estate professional with a proven track record of sales, then trust the advice he or she gives you when it comes to the marketing of your home. Whether they advise that you repaint a room, declutter a space, drop the price, or simply ask you to leave the house for a viewing, don’t waste time fighting their advice. Instead, allow them to do what you’ve hired them to do – which is to sell your home fast and as close to full value as possible.

Enlist the best in the real estate business
If you were in a serious legal battle, you would want an attorney from the number one law firm at your side. Similarly, if you want to sell your home fast, then you're going to want to partner with a sales associate from the number one brand in real estate. RE/MAX of Southern Africa is the number one real estate brand in terms of number of homes sold and number of sales associates, outnumbering the next largest real estate brand in the region by almost 1,000 agents. That means that we have the largest possible network of referrals and the widest possible brand recognition across the region – giving your home a reach that is unmatched by any of our local competitors.

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