If passive aggressive statements regarding the state of your home is something you’ve come to expect from certain holiday house guests, then you might be in for a few jaw-clenching days this festive season – especially if you’ve invited them to stay for a few nights. To please these overcritical house guests, embody the mindset of a seller by going through your home with a fine-tooth comb as if you were preparing your property for a sale.

Below are a few items you could pull from a seller’s to-do list to make sure your home is up to scratch to please any overcritical house guests you might be entertaining this holiday season:

Picture Perfect Please
Just as a seller stages their home for listing photographs, you could go through each room in your homes to make sure that everything looks picture-perfect. Unless your guests are the kind to open cupboards, a surface-level clean-up should serve you well enough in this regard. However, you might want to pull out the good sheets and the fancy cutlery and crockery for the duration of their visit.

Use an Overcritical Eye
Like potential buyers, overcritical house guests have a way of spotting every crack and paint chipped corner. It might be worth fixing any small issues you’ve learnt to live with, like the squeaky cupboard door and the crack in your bedroom ceiling, long before your guests arrive (and are able to complain about the smell of lingering paint fumes).

Entertain house guests away from home
Just as homeowners are advised to do when viewers come to see the property, try and get out of the house as much as you can over the duration of their visit. Take your visitors out for lunch and go tour the town a bit – especially if they’re out of towners, they’ll appreciate the change of scenery. It will also help if you have a spacious guest bedroom with its own laptop or TV setup so your guests won’t mind spending some downtime in their own rooms.   

Final Thoughts
Sometimes the comments critical house guests make emulate your own misgivings about your property that you’ve simply chosen to ignore to avoid the hassle of putting your home on the market. At RE/MAX, we turn your hassle into our hustle. If your house guests bring you to the point of sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign in your own front garden, then get in touch with your nearest RE/MAX agent to help you sell your home fast and find a home that will silence all criticisms they might have against your current property in time for their next holiday season visit.