When open houses just won’t work, like in many areas of the world battling COVID-19 right now, it may come time to host a virtual open house instead. After all, the need to buy and sell homes still exists even during this unprecedented time. You will just have to make use of the digital world to make your buying and selling dreams come true.

Open homes will soon take the form of Facebook Live tours. Events will need to be scheduled and a live walkthrough will be held by the homeowner through a virtual watch party.

The role of your agent
Real estate agents will have to generate interest virtually just as they would for a normal open house. Digital marketing and e-flyers can help publicise the virtual event. Agents can also share the link to the event to their database of potential buyers.

Your agent will also need to do a trial run to test that everything is running smoothly before the camera starts rolling on your live event. Potential buyers might exit the event if they see pixelated footage or a lagging connection. Agents will also need to properly explain to the homeowner how to conduct this tour, giving them tips on what features to highlight and what answers to give when the viewers raise questions. The real estate agent should be part of this virtual watch party to be able to help with answering questions as they arise.

Tips for the homeowner hosting the virtual show house
It can still be challenging for potential homebuyers to envision themselves living in the space. To overcome this, be as descriptive as possible while walking through the home. If a room features intricate features that might be missed (crown moulding, for example), be sure to call attention to it. Walk and pan slowly while describing the various features of the home, lingering on selling features like the granite countertops. At the same time, try not to get too creative with your camera angles. It’s important that buyers are given a realistic impression of the space, just as they would if they were there in person.

Be accommodative of alternative solutions
Agents are going to need to get creative to make sure they remain productive over this time. If part of your sole mandate requirements your agent to hold show homes over the mandated period, know that virtual show days can be a viable alternative.