Want to know the secret to success? Don’t we all. Sadly, there is no single recipe for reaching that point in life where you can kick back and say: I’ve made it. What we can do, however, is listen to the advice of those who have.

Annually, RE/MAX LLC compiles a list of the top 100 global individual and team earners. This year, RE/MAX of Southern Africa claimed 27 of the 100 spots in the Top 100 Global Teams based on commission earnings, and two of our agents made the Top 100 Global Individual Earners list.

Want to know how they got there? Number 64 on the Top 100 Global Individual Earners list Brandin Haigh, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Plus, attributes his success to his extra-mile approach to business. “You need to make the selling/buying experience out of the ordinary (in a good way) by bringing things to the table that the seller and buyer cannot know or do themselves. In my case, I try to know a bit about everything and have information at my fingertips. Know your municipal bylaws, have a relationship with an attorney that you can call at all times, and get to know a surveyor (you never know when this might can in handy). The more you know and can offer, the better,” says Haigh. 

Posing an additional strategy, Vangelis Doucas, team leader of Team Vangelis of RE/MAX Living that placed fourth on the list of Top 100 Global Teams, attributes his success to remaining optimistic no matter the external outlook. “In all markets, there are those who know how to make money and, in turn, know how to attract it. It’s all about perception. Believing that there is abundance at all times without resorting to fear brings about the key ingredients to success,” says Doucas.

In the same breath, Doucas reminds agents not to allow their success to go to their heads. “Remain humble at all times, especially during times of seeming success. We are only as good as our next deal. A willingness to be remain open to learning at all times is important. Don’t allow arrogance to distance you from those who might be able to teach you something. Instead, align yourself with success and join a team of leaders who can help you achieve your goals.”

Haigh shares Doucas’ sentiments, adding that agents need to be careful what reputation they create for themselves. “Your name is the only thing you have from birth to death. Marketing definitely plays a role, but if you have created a good name for yourself and are seen as a reputable and capable person, the clientele will come through your door instead of you knocking on theirs. Referrals are one of the biggest complements in our industry. If you’re getting them, then you must be doing something right.”

To agents who are just starting out, Haigh encourages them to keep on the straight and narrow.  “Never look for the short cut. Always do things properly and ethically from the start. Make sure you build on stone and not on sand. The more solid your base, the better your growth will be. When you have given advice that has compromised the amount of commission you will earn, then you have probably given the right advice. If you are willing to do that, you will be successful in the long run.” 

And, for those who are hoping to advance their earning potential to the next level, Doucas reminds agents never to allow themselves to remain stagnant in their journey. “It is important to set goals and to know what your aspirations are. Revisit this exercise regularly throughout your career. Also, be open to new ideas and technological advances in order to grow your business. Most importantly, remain positive because a positive outlook breeds success,” Doucas concludes.