Have you ever pulled into your driveway at home and suddenly realised that you have no recollection of the journey from the office to your doorstep? That’s because your routines can become so familiar that you are able to do them in auto-pilot mode. The problem arises when you move to a new neighbourhood and you go to unlock your front door and your keys no longer fits the locks…    

Whether you’ve moved to a new suburb, new province or a new country, settling into a foreign environment can be one of the more challenging aspects of purchasing property. Below are a few tips on how to settle into your new surroundings:

1. Update your default home address

To avoid driving auto-pilot to the wrong house, you can now set your new address as your default home address on your map app on your mobile device and allow it to guide you home safely until you become familiar enough with the new route. As a bonus, the app should also alert you to accidents or roadworks en route and advise you on alternate paths to help you get used to the area.

2. Cyber surf for nearby attractions

Search engines are also great for finding local supermarkets, nearby restaurants, doctors and other necessary facilities. But, as great as the internet can be in this respect, nothing beats a personal recommendation from somebody who has been there before and can attest to the quality of the goods or service it provides. You can use this as an excuse to break the ice with your neighbours by asking them where they do their shopping and where they recommend going for a great dinner.

3. Chat to a suburb expert

Particularly in this age when there are less expensive online listing services are readily available, one of the key reasons that buyers and sellers still choose to work through real estate advisors instead of going it alone is for the expert knowledge the agent has about the suburb. Beyond being able to refer to some great restaurants or nearby grocery stores, a good agent is likely to have existing partnerships and relationships with local businesses and might even be able to score you some good deals or client referral benefits at these establishments. To establish this kind of relationship, reach out to your nearest RE/MAX office today.