A unique investment opportunity has arisen in Knysna in the form of a stylish, recently restored commercial property that once belonged to the Mayor of Knysna in 1929. The property can be used for offices or can be easily converted into a guesthouse or used as a private residence, meaning that the opportunities for rental income are endless with this property.

Boasting six bedrooms, two lounges, three bathrooms, and four garages, this house can be divided into two homes or could be ideal for those who require a spacious home office. Divided into three floors, the house is easily separated into two sections by the close of a door. The attic on top can be used as a studio, working space or even a unique boardroom. The two double garages can hold four vehicles and there are ample parking spaces on the grounds as well, which makes it very appealing to commercial tenants.

Stained glass, yellowwood floors, and old-time flair flow through this historic building. The investor who snatches up this property can draw tenants in by sharing the building’s well-documented history, which is recorded by the Knysna Historical Society as follows:

“In 1881, this property was transferred to George Cruikshank from the Anglican Bishop of Cape Town, having bought the property from the estate Templeman who built this house for his daughter May Metlerkamp. The builder was L.N. Willis, who was then manager of Templeman’s sawmill. In 1919 William Randolph Metlerkamp inherited the property and sold it 10 years later to Johannes Urbanus (Barney) du Preez, Knysna’s first resident dentist who became a Town Councillor in 1926 and Mayor of Knysna in 1929. He is best remembered for his efforts in beautifying the streets and the Garden of Memorial. The western half of the house was used as a doctor’s room for many years. The house has recently been restored to a high standard.”

A property like this does not often become available. Currently on the market for R4.5 million, this unique home stands to make its buyer good returns on his or her investment should they decide to rent out parts or even the whole property.

To find out more about this home, contact Anita van Niekerk of REMAX Coastal (email: anita@remaxcoastal.co.za | call: 083 449 1424) or visit www.remaxcoastal.co.za