Garages, particularly in sectional units, are a great value-add – more so if the owner has renovated it into a space that holds additional value apart from keeping a car cosy at night. A neatly renovated garage with clever storage solutions can do a great deal towards making a property more sellable. But, only if homeowners are able to avoid these common mistakes…

Create multifunctional spaces
The trick is to create a space that offers additional storage space for items that one wouldn’t necessarily be stored inside the home, such as power tools and other outdoor equipment. Many homeowners make the mistake of completely negating the room’s original purpose by filling it with bulky workbenches and storage units for these items. While still valuable in a property, the appeal of secure covered parking is arguably larger than the additional storage space.

Avoid clutter catastrophes
The last thing you’d want is for your vehicle to get battered while you’re trying to navigate between bicycles and power tools with an arm full of groceries. To remain functional, keep the floor space as uncluttered as possible. If your garage doesn’t have the floor space to include a workbench for tinkering purposes, consider a wall-mounted collapsible surface that can be tucked against the wall when not in use. All other storage units and wall-mounted tool organisers should be positioned outside of the normal walking path from the car to the doorway.

Consider the ups and downs
Larger items can be stored on ceiling-mounted shelving or storage solutions. The trick with using roof storing is accessibility. If the items stored on these shelves need to be accessed regularly, then you should consider installing adjustable shelving units that are easily lowered when the car is outside and can be raised again to allowed the cat to park inside.

Shed some light on the situation
Many garage accidents could be avoided if there weren’t long extension leads tangled over the floor space in a room that is lit only by a flickering fluorescent tube tucked away under roof beam – as is often the case with many garages. Part of increasing the value offered by a garage is to make the space look appealing as well as functional. Installing good lighting and easily accessible plug sockets are great ways to polish off a garage upgrade.