While sticking to your household routines may be convenient and simple, it might be slowly killing the spark between you and your partner. But, with the cost of living being as high as it is, it can be difficult to find new experiences to share that will fit your budget. Luckily, just because your budget doesn’t allow for leaving the house, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t spice up date night.

Although it may be challenging to find inexpensive ways to entertain, below are some of our fun date night ideas you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home:

Bracing Backyard Adventures
For those with backyard space, make the most of the Summer season by spending a night under the stars. For active couples, challenge each other to a sports match. It could be as simple as kicking a ball around or as elaborate as creating a mini-golf course. If you are willing to invest in your outdoor space to turn it into a date-night utopia fitted with outdoor deck and manicured flowerbeds, the standard option of laying out a picnic blanket and enjoying a meal together can become so much more romantic. To keep the fun alive, bring out a pack of cards or some board games.   

Captivating Cooking

The way to some people’s heart is through their stomach. Spend an evening cooking a meal together and settle down for a candle-lit dinner where the two of you take some time to reconnect. For an element of flirtatious fun, throw in a blind tasting where you blindfold your partner and challenge them to identify the foods you feed them. 

Blissful Bubble Bath 
To rekindle the romance, partners with similar water temperature preferences (and with a large enough bathtub) can spend an evening immersed in bubbles, surrounded with candles, and a flute of champagne in hand. If this idea appeals to you but your bathtub proves too small, you could always invest in an outdoor hot tub or heat and install jets in your swimming pool – as a bonus, both options hold the potential to increase the value of your home.      

Passionate Pillow Talk
Revisit the early days of your dating years by tucking in for some good old-fashioned pillow talk. For those struggling to think of what they could talk about, there are various online couple questionnaires you could go through to rediscover what makes your partner tick. If you both happen to be book worms, you could read aloud to each other from a novel you’ve both been meaning to sink your teeth into. 

Sour Spaces Stopping the Romance?
It can be difficult to work up a spark in a home that only causes arguments between the two of you. If your property is making it complicated for you and your partner to get along, then it might be time to start your search for a new home before the property pulls you apart. Real estate is so much more than just a financial investment. If your property doesn’t suit your needs, consult with a real estate professional who can find you a home within your budget that is better suited to your lifestyle.