Tough times are ahead as South Africans as the economy gradually re-opens and recovers after lockdown. Aware of the financial crisis their customers face, many of the financial institutions within South Africa have put together alternative repayment solutions to help consumers keep up with their debt repayments without tarnishing their credit score.

“I strongly recommend that homeowners who may be struggling to keep up with the instalments on their home loan, contact their respective home finance provider to discover what options are available to them,” suggests Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett.

To help homeowners explore their financial options during this lockdown period, RE/MAX of Southern Africa shares a list of the dedicated support portals for the four major banks within South Africa:       

Standard Bank
Standard Bank has offered various relief options to assist homeowners towards meeting their financial obligations. To find out more about their debt relief solutions, clients who are struggling to repay their home loan can email or call 0860 123 000.

As of 01 April, ABSA will pre-screen customers and send an SMS offering this capability to their customers who will be able to opt-in or out. Customers can contact ABSA using the following e-mail address:

All FNB clients that have been financially impacted by the National lockdown are urged to log onto their usual digital and assisted banking channels to enquire about these services. Customers will also be able to get further information through a dedicated icon on the landing page of the FNB banking app. Clients can also email if they wish to apply or enquire about making repayment arrangements.


Nedbank Home Loans clients can contact 0860 553 573. However, due to high call volumes, clients are encouraged to e-mail for assistance. Should clients want to enquire about a Moratorium/Payment Holiday, they are able to e-mail for assistance.

“Should none of the solutions above prove helpful, homeowners may need to consider their bank’s distressed property sales as a possible solution. As trained and Certified Distressed Property Advisors (CDPA), our agents are best positioned to assist homeowners in the current market and can offer a way out that preserves their credit and relieves them of their real estate uncertainty. I urge homeowners who are unable to keep up with their repayments and are willing to sell, to contact one of our offices for assistance. The worse thing to do during this crisis is nothing. Reach out and explore your options so that you don’t face the risk of losing your home,” Goslett concludes.