This Women’s Month, in the hopes of encouraging and inspiring other young women in their journey towards success, the top female earners within the RE/MAX of Southern Africa network offer their unfiltered advice on what it takes to be successful both in life and within the real estate industry. 

As the only recipient of the Luminary of Distinction – awarded to those who have been top earners over the course of their career and have a minimum of 20 year’s service within the RE/MAX network – Gerlinde Moser, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Living has some sage advice on how to ensure a lifetime’s worth of success and not just one lucky break.

“My advice to other young women starting out their careers is that there are NO FREE LUNCHES. Success comes at a high price, especially in the real estate industry where you stand to earn well above average. Nothing is too far or too difficult for top achievers. To provide good service means thinking about the other and not yourself. Never think about the reward – that comes naturally as a result anyway. For young people, this may not sound sexy or interesting, but it is the philosophy of life and the key to success,” Moser explains. 

As the number one earner within the RE/MAX SA network between Jan-June 2019, and the number two earner globally, Karryn Cartoulis, sales associate at RE/MAX Living, shares Moser’s sentiments and emphasises the importance of integrity, especially when working in a service industry such as real estate. 

“Treat the client with the utmost integrity all the way through. Your skills and reputation will ultimately gain repeat and referral business through your professional attitude. That’s why you should also never push a sale. You can guide your clients into making an informed decision, but don’t tell the client what will work for them. They know what they need,” Cartoulis advises.


Coming in hot on Cartoulis’ heels as the second highest earner with the RE/MAX SA network, Narina Fischer of RE/MAX Jowic advises young women to push through rather than give up: “You will get to your end destination only if you persist. To give up on your way there is a guarantee of not getting there. So get up and keep going! Find something positive in every situation. As a practical example, I perceive the market to be good at any given time. It all depends on how you look at it: either you will have too many sellers or too many buyers. You only ever have a problem if you choose to focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do.”

Another successful lady who knows what it is like to maintain a positive outlook is the third top earner within the RE/MAX SA network, Oxana Wizman of RE/MAX Masters: “One of the many attributes of an estate agent is the ability to take risks. Albeit calculated, I decided to take the risk and I took the plunge into real estate: a decision that could have gone either way; but with a young child to raise, I knew that there was no margin for failure. I simply had to succeed.”

Consequently, Wizman believes that the battle towards achieving success is largely fought in the mind. “Identify the ideas that are holding you back. Then, learn how to move beyond them so they don't control you anymore. You need to start thinking in a limitless way. Discover what it is you want and create an action plan to get there. Unlock your rebellious spirit; this part of you is essential to carrying out your dreams and becoming who you truly want to be no matter how many times life tells you otherwise,” says Wizman.

As a final word of advice, co-regional owner and CMO, Vicky Goslett, encourages young women who are hard-working and passionate about people to join the RE/MAX family. “With RE/MAX, you are able to earn maximum commission which provides you with the opportunity for above average earning potential. As a bonus, your hours are flexible so that you can be present with your children if that’s a requirement – and, as a working mother myself, I understand how important this can be. I’m fortunate enough to see agents of all backgrounds and walks of life reaching their goals and achieving amazing results with RE/MAX. That’s why I believe that joining RE/MAX can truly be the key to unlocking your success,” Goslett concludes.

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