The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened the world to how quickly we can change our behaviours when confronted with a crisis that threatens our very existence. If society can change our ways as quickly as we have in response to this pandemic, then we can hopefully avoid the threat of a global warming apocalypse. If you’re wanting to do your bit to help combat global warming and climate change, below are a few easy ways to help you reduce your carbon footprint and save our planet:

1. Work from home to reduce your car fumes
During the early stages of lockdown, many companies were forced into seeing that it is possible for their staff to work remotely and for business to continue as per normal. If your company allows you the option, then choose to continue to work from home. If your commute used to be a 20km round trip for five days a week, you would save 1344 kilograms of CO2 per year simply by working from home.

2. Compost heaps reduce CO2 emissions at landfill sites
Anything you can do to put less food waste into the garbage will lower the amount of CO2 emissions at the various landfill sites. The best way to reduce your food waste is to create a compost heap in your garden. If done correctly, these compost heaps will not give off any foul odours and will provide great nutrition for your soil. To take this a step further, plant your own vegetable and herb garden so that you can reduce the amount of packaging waste created by purchasing groceries at the store.

3. Reduce your shower time or have a cold shower
Not only will taking shorter or cold showers save water, which is vital in a drought-prone country as our own, but it will also lower the amount of electricity required to heat the water. You can actually save up to 350 kilograms of CO2 a year simply by cutting your daily shower from eight minutes to four minutes.

4. Energy-efficient elements will reduce power usage
Something as simple as generating your own green energy with solar panels will greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Consider installing a few solar panels on your roof to harvest the free heat and light the sun provides. Switch out your incandescent lights for energy-efficient LED lighting and don’t forget to maintain your home’s insulation. These changes will not only save the environment, but it’ll help you save money too.

Renovate or find a new eco-friendly home

We all have a responsibility to do our best to live more eco-friendly lifestyles. These are just a few small things we can do to help live more environmentally sustainable lifestyles. If we all pull together, we can hopefully prevent a future global crisis. If you’ve reached your limit on eco-friendly upgrades in your current space, why not start the search for a new green sanctuary – just don’t forget to mention to your real estate agent that eco-friendly elements in your new home is non-negotiable.