It’s that time of year again to start working on ridding yourself of those pesky festive bulges. But, with money and time being even more limited than usual over the long month of January, it’s understandable how any well-intentioned exercise resolutions can quickly be abandoned. Below are a few ways to lose weight from home without spending any money on gym memberships:

Download free workouts from home
You don’t need too much open floor space to get fit from home. If need be, you could always rearrange some furniture to create extra space – consider this your pre-and post-workout warm-up/down. There is also a large variety of free workout routines available online, from YouTube videos to mobile fitness apps and personal fitness blogs. Find a routine that suits your preferred exercise style, from high-intensity cardio to low intensity stretching and toning – as long as it’s something you don’t completely loathe doing. If you’re unable to stream from home, pop into a local coffee shop, connect to their free Wi-Fi and download a few exercise sets.       

Stroll through your suburb for free
The perk of it being Summer is that the weather beckons you to be outdoors. Take advantage of the longer daylight hours by going for a jog or stroll around your neighbourhood when you get home from work. If you have a grocery shop nearby, choose to walk instead of drive. Not only will this lower your fuel costs, but it’ll also up your step count and fill your bicep curl count for the day.

Burn through home chores
Try and get creative with your everyday routines. You know the old cliché of “take the stairs and not the elevator”? Well, if you apply this kind of logic to a broader set of tasks, you’d be surprised at how many kilojoules you could burn. Do a set of squats while you’re washing your dishes, a set of crunches while you’re watching your favourite show, jog on the spot during commercials – anything that gets your heart rate up and can be easily included in your daily routines.

Time to move home?
Sometimes all a person needs to start a new routine is some new scenery. If you’re feeling unmotivated or unable to make healthy choices in your current home or suburb, then consider selling your home and getting in touch with your nearest RE/MAX office to start your search for a new home.