Many sellers don’t realise that a house needs to be ‘selling ready’ before it goes on the market. We’ve created a handy checklist to help you address any issues that might affect the sale of your property before the “For Sale” sign gets hammered into your front garden.

#1 Planning Approval
For starters, you need to check that all building plans are up to date and approved. Many homeowners forget or deliberately avoid the task of securing official planning approval before making renovations to their homes – but trust us, getting planning approval is worth the effort. When potential buyers find out that the plans are not up to date, they may take their offer off the table because they do not want to deal with the repercussions if the plans are not subsequently approved.

#2 Take an Objective Look
Next, you need to go through the property with the ‘eyes of a potential buyer’, paying particular attention to any defects or maintenance issues. These then need to be repaired and remedied before an agent comes to evaluate your property, as these small things could affect the valuation.

While looking through your home with this objective gaze, you should also be able to pick up on items that are cluttering up the space. Apart from making the rooms appear smaller, having too many personal items scattered throughout your house makes it more difficult for buyers to envision their own belongings in your space. You want to create as much of a ‘blank canvas’ as possible for them, so it is best to do a thorough Spring clean to remove any clutter. This should be done before an agent comes to take photographs for the marketing of the home.

#3 Find a Reputable Agent
The final step is to find an agent whose advice you can trust. They can then make further suggestions on how to improve your home to ensure that it sells quickly. It is best to find somebody who knows the area and who can price your home at a point that will secure a sale. Take your time to find an agent that understands your needs, as you will be working closely with them throughout the selling process.

*Advice sourced from Gail Compton, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Tricolor.