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Properties for sale range in price from 695,000 to 1,920,000 and includes Residential. There are currently 38 properties in Hermanus

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There are currently 38 properties in property types Residential.

Property for sale in Hermanus

RE/MAX’s range of property for sale in Hermanus showcases homes nestled between rolling mountains and the waves of the Atlantic. Originally a fishing village, this well-developed town now serves as the ultimate break-away for city dwellers who’re looking for a quiet area, removed from the metropolitan bustle. 
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This area’s popularity among home buyers is evident in that fact that it consists of 65% permanent residents. It’s designed to suit anyone who’s looking to settle down, as well as those looking for an exceptional holiday house or long term property investment.
Advantages of owning property in Hermanus include:
Accessible amenities – Situated a mere 120km outside Cape Town, Hermanus is close enough to drive to the Mother City, but it is also fully equipped with its own supermarkets and facilities. 
Organic living – The large number of surrounding farms guarantees that the town is provided with the freshest fruits and vegetables. Hermanus is also far enough from the city to boast quiet suburbs, beaches and lagoons, allowing residents and visitors to get back to nature.
The fine life – Fresh fish comes into the harbour daily, and the numerous nearby wine estates are a popular attraction with local and international buyers. You’re also spoilt for choice with weekend activities ranging from kayaking and mountain climbing to diving and surfing.
Property in Hermanus 
The artistic, well-appointed houses in this upper-class area make it the ultimate investment option. Hermanus’s various residential areas, friendly neighbourhoods and safe community present the discerning buyer with a superior range of properties. 
Houses for sale in Hermanus range from 50 year old designs to new and modern creations. Furthermore, there are golf courses in Fernkloof, museums and historical buildings in the town– which all add to the market value of property here.
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