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Properties to rent range in price from 0 to 0 and includes Residential. There are currently 1 properties in Seychelles

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Property for sale in Seychelles

Make your home in an idyllic setting by purchasing a RE/MAX property for sale in Seychelles. Our apartments, estates and beach-front plots are indulgently close to the ocean, lush vegetation and first-rate amenities. From modest two-bedroom dwellings to large and luxurious villas, we can help you find real estate that suits your budget.
A holiday home hotspot
The Republic of Seychelles consists of 115 unique islands, only a few of which are inhabited. Fortunately, the areas available to investors and permanent residents offer property merely a short walk away from pristine beaches and endlessly beautiful views.
Despite the charming laid-back culture, service is still excellently delivered, transport is relatively efficient and business is booming. As a result, when you buy one of our houses for sale in this exotic country, you also gain access to:
Major transport routes – The conveniently small size of every island in this archipelago means that travelling across any of them takes no more than an hour by car. In addition, you have a variety of carriers to choose from, including planes, helicopters, ferries, private boats, buses, taxis and bicycles.
Commercial centres – Important tourist destinations, such as Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, are fantastic locations for shopping. Their beach fronts are decorated by boutiques and local produce markets, while rural in-land districts provide larger outlet stores.
Recreational facilities – Undoubtedly, the tourism industry leads the Seychelles economy. Therefore, most local businesses are geared towards supplying residents and guests with exciting island experiences, including aquatic sports, indigenous restaurants and thriving nightclubs.
A home by the sea
With a RE/MAX agent as your property partner, finding a piece of land, flat or house to invest in is a breeze. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive guidance and support that ensure you make intelligent decisions and reap genuine real estate rewards.
Whether you’re buying a piece of paradise to settle down in or want a regular holiday home to enjoy, we make sure that you receive value for money.
Browse our listings today to view our current property for sale in Seychelles. They don’t disappoint.

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