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There are currently 641 properties in property types Commercial, Residential, Business, Developments.

Property in Namibia

Namibia is the famously beautiful land of sand dunes and is a true geologist’s heaven. This mysterious country with wild horses and never ending sand dunes shows us just how beautiful a harsh landscape can be, and showcases the unique beauty of the western coast of Africa. Namibia properties offer locals and foreigners the chance to submerse themselves in the incredible and undoubtedly formidable beauty of this country.

Once a German colony, Namibia now has strong German influences whilst incorporating some of the more commercial and modern aspects of neighbouring South Africa. Today, Namibia is a popular tourist destination as it offers guests the chance to explore an interesting heritage and unique landscape for themselves. The sand dunes and rocky landscapes make this the perfect holiday destination for adventure junkies and 4X4 enthusiasts, whilst rocks and fossils make this an exciting place for geologists and historians.

Namibian skies offer clear views of the Milky Way and after a long hot day offers the much need relief from the sun. Moments like these entice many locals and foreigners to purchase Namibia properties; not only can they own a piece of the distinctive and beautiful land, but they too can spend their evenings marvelling at the stars after a day spent sun-tanning, exploring and adventuring.

There are also several game reserves in Namibia, as well as the famous Orange River which brings thousands of tourists to brave its currents every year. Many foreigners, after visiting this country just once decide to make it a regular holiday destination; buying properties for sale in Namibia to make a holiday home in and renting it out to others so they too can enjoy the orange, yellow, and green landscape for themselves. 

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