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Property in Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation off the south east coast of Africa; this tropical island is a classic tourist destination which is popular with honeymooners. Its colonial influence is evident in the architecture that still exists today in Mauritius real estate. Property for sale in Mauritius may seem inaccessible due to the exclusive holiday resort image of the island however there is a vast variation of property for sale and our real estate agents with their years of experience can help you find your ideal Mauritius property.

The islands boast 100’s of kilometres of white sandy beaches and inland tropical forests, formed centuries ago by volcanic activity the islands flora is unique to the region and evident of its’ geographic history. The volcanoes that formed this corner of paradise are however no longer active.  

The coral reef that circles the islands makes it a hotspot for diving and snorkelling as well as an area of extreme interest for marine biology. They add immeasurably to the natural beauty of the region and are one of the major attractions for tourists.          

The economy is classified as upper middle income with the official language being English, although the common language of the people is Creole and most newspapers and television programmes are in French. Mauritius is politically stable with a democratic elected government, this combined with the strong economy makes it a popular place for business investment. Mauritius real estate is a fantastic investment for those looking to take advantage of the tourist influx. Also though it is an idyllic place to live and there is a vast network of ex-patriots who have chosen to make this island paradise home.

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