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Property in Van Wyksdorp


The rural village of Van Wyksdorp is located in the esteemed Klein Karoo, known for being home to the Bushmen. It is in proximity to Ladismith and Riversdale. It was founded in 1838 and to this day has a population of only 700 residents. It is named after Gerrit van Wyk; it is still considered to be a “family” town as direct descendants of Van Wyk still live here.

Since its founding (and today) the town’s main source of income is through agriculture: this encompasses sheep, cattle and fruit farming. Unlike many small towns, residents have never had to worry about a dwindling water supply, owing to them having their own mountain spring, which has been dubbed, “The Eye” Now, urban agriculture; more specifically, subsistence farming, is practiced in the town.

In the early 20th century, ostriches became a highly sought after commodity and many farmers began to buy and breed them. Their abundance in the area garnered much attention and because of the high influx of people (usually families) there was a need for a school to be built; this occurred in 1912.

More effective and efficient transport was also instituted with railway links being constructed, connecting the towns of Ladysmith and Riversdale. However this led to the aforementioned towns to boom, while Van Wyksdorp, did not.

Their official website comments, “The town has three shops, one restaurant, a bottle store, a postal agency, a petrol pump and a municipal office. Some of the local produce produced by local farmers includes dried flowers for export, as well as organic olives and olive products.”

One of the main attractions in the area is a game reserve called the Assegaai Bosch Ranch. It has proven to be a major tourism draw card. It offers a blissful retreat from city life where you are able to relax and bask in the beauty of the natural environment. Activities such as fishing, swimming as well as walks through the picturesque flora may be enjoyed.

Property in the area is affordable and is perfect to act as a holiday house that is far away from the bustling urban lifestyle. A newly renovated, three-bedroomed home, carries a price tag in the high six figure region.

Through the promotion of tourism in the surrounding areas, Van Wyksdorp is becoming a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Therefore, purchasing a home in Van Wyksdorp will prove to be a lucrative investment.