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A country bursting with tradition and attractions, Swaziland proudly takes its place as the smallest country in the southern hemisphere. Heritage runs through the blood of its people while its streets are drenched in culture – a culture that is contagious and one that will make you fall in love with this beautiful country the longer you live there.
Verdant open lands rise up to greet you every day in Swaziland – a characteristic of this country that makes property in Swaziland very sought after. Much of this land is utilised as wildlife reserves across the country and are home to Africa's famous Big 5.
Of course, property varies from area to area but you can be sure you will enjoy the same beautiful landscapes and African sunset wherever you decide to call home. There are four regions in Swaziland:
  • Hhohho: Named after the royal homestead, this north western part of the country includes two nature reserves and is referred to as "the Highveld'. The country's capital, "Mbabane'is also found here.
  • Lubombo : Swaziland shares a border with Mozambique and it's the mountains that these two countries share that gives this area its name. Lubombo is generally Lowveld and is notorious for having the largest concentration of wildlife in the area with four wildlife parks.
  • Manzini: The centre of Swaziland, this area plays host to the Ngwempisi Gorge as well as the Ntfungulu Hills. The area is most well known for the Malandela Centre – the finest mix of handicrafts, performnaces, food and accommodation . The main airport is found here as well as the country's centre of industry.
  • Shiselwini: This area contains areas of all the others and therefore shares their beautiful characteristics – however despite this, Shiselwini is the least visited region in Swaziland.
Each area has its own unique property characteristics however, Ezulwini and more urban areas remain the popular places in which to invest in Swaziland real estate. The popular Nkonyeni Golf Estate and the only green in the country is also a popular choice for investment. Development is also always on the go in the more urban areas as well as the tourist towns.
The country is one of the last remaining executive monarchies in Africa – one of the many nuances that make Swaziland a great place to retire and invest in. 

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