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Saldanha (also known as Saldanha Bay) is located in the Western Cape, more specifically; it lies between the Berg River and the West Coast National Park. It is renowned for its scenic beauty and the abundance of sea life that calls the village, home.

Constituting a population of 72, 000 people, Saldanha is primarily known as a fishing town, from where much of the fish bought in stores, is sourced. Owing to it being a natural harbour around which the town was built, ships have continually been able to dock and purchase the fish that is needed.

Saldanha is a tourist haven; watersport enthusiasts are a regular sight with waterskiing and kite-surfing being a popular pastime. Furthermore, avid ornithologists will be delighted by the many species of birds that exist in the area. It is also common to witness whales as they follow their migration patterns.

Owing to the aforementioned attractions, many holiday resorts are present. However, tourists also favour the self-catering option through renting a home, located in a pristine condition. This is a perfect investment for those looking for an avenue through which to make passive income. Homes situated in proximity to the pristine beaches are highly sought after and have the potential to yield a profitable income. Developments are also being constructed, offering apartments and flats overlooking the harbour and beach – a truly unrivalled view.

Fauna and flora lovers have to look no further than the Saldanha Nature Reserve that boasts an assortment of the most gorgeous flowers in existence. The peak flower-viewing season is from the late winter to early spring season.

In addition to being the consummate fishing village, it is noteworthy that the emergence of Saldanha from merely a port to its modern status, is because it’s an integral part of the exportation of iron-ore, which is sourced from the Northern Cape; it acted as an essential place for ships to take the iron-ore abroad and therefore it became an economically significant village in terms of the country’s financial efforts.

Therefore, the fishing village of Saldanha is a hub of activity and laid-back living. Owing to its proximity to Cape Town, it is a perfect destination for a family trip and it also presents a sensible investment opportunity. The west coast has a unique ambience that cannot be found anywhere else in the country and this is a benefit on which you should capitalise. 

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