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There are currently 1309 properties in property types Residential.

Property in Hibiscus Coast

This is a place which is ideal for families and professionals alike, offering a wonderful range of properties from affordable family homes to beautiful mansions and serene beach-front retreats. The town has a relaxed ambience to help you to unwind at the end of a busy day.

Situated within KwaZulu-Natal, a region famed for its scenery and friendliness, the Hibiscus Coast stretches across 70 kilometres and offers an exceptional seaside existence. The glimmering sands of the vast coastline, coupled with the warm, inviting Indian Ocean delights both visitors and locals, never ceasing to lose its appeal.

If you choose a beach-side home, enjoy striking views of the sea and look out for the numerous dolphins and whales which frolic in the warm waters. Between June and July, annually, many visitors flock to the Hibiscus coast to witness one of the earth’s greatest natural displays – the sardine run. Shoals of millions of sardines form pulsating bait balls beneath the surface of the sea, attracting myriad predators, from dolphins and whales to various species of sharks and seals.

Divers and snorkelers will delight in the many opportunities to plunge beneath the sea’s surface and explore the watery world below. Relish the world-class dive site which houses pristine reefs, hosting a thriving metropolis of fish and other marine life. Fishermen will have many chances to test their skills with numerous angling opportunities offshore and from fishing boats as well.

Adventure junkies will find plenty to keep them busy, from rock-climbing and mountain biking to abseiling and peaceful hikes along the rugged coastline.

Those with a more artistic bent can venture to the many galleries within the vicinity and browse the plentiful arts and crafts on offer. There are also museums to visit, including the Space Centre which houses the continent’s largest private collection of astronomical and optical equipment.

The Hibiscus Coast is a place of beauty and serenity, where residents and visitors can revel in the coastal scenery and enjoy a laid-back, tranquil way of life.